Welcome Katie Kortright!

A big welcome to Katie Kortright, who joins us as a research associate! Katie recently finished up her studies at UC Davis and will help us engineer the next-generation of fluorescent biosensors.


Benz passes his orals!

A big congratulations to Benz, who recently passed his PhD qualifying exam in the Chemistry graduate program. Onwards and upwards!

Ski Trip 2013

Here are some pictures from our recent trip up to Soda Springs and Sugarbowl for a weekend of skiing and scientific retreat. Dave also delivered the 2013 State of the Lab (SOL2013) address, highlighting that our exponential increase in restriction enzyme usage will require an entire RO1 dedicated to cloning by 2017. Better start writing those grants! 

New paper on genome organization

Congrats to our former colleagues from the Silver Lab, Anna and Bruno, on their recent paper investigating how our favorite bug, Synechococcus, organizes its chromosome during replication and cell division. The details can be found here at PLOS ONE: http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0047837

A big welcome to Rayka Yokoo!

A big welcome to Rayka Yokoo, our new postdoc! Rayka joins us from Stanford, where she worked on C. elegans mitosis in the lab of Anne Villeneuve using genetics and microscopy. Rayka is broadly interested in synthetic biology and will be assisting the biosensors team while exploring the possibilities for synthetic biology in the worm.

EBI picnic

Yesterday, the Energy Biosciences Institute celebrated the return of summer with some Top Dog, Trumer Pils, and competitive whiffle ball (if that's possible). A great time was had by all![gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

Dueber Lab takes the Hildebrand Classic

Another year and another title, as the Dueber lab successfully defended their Hildebrand Classic ultimate frisbee title. The Arkin, Zhang, and Savage labs joined forces but couldn't quite overcome the incumbent's chemistry (and the fact that they were just better). Maybe next year![gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

Welcome new rotons!

The Savage Lab welcomes two new rotation students for the spring semester.  Annie Bedigian, a student from the Molecular & Cell Biology department, will be joining us to work on cyanobacterial metabolism and microcompartment function.  Cindy Wang, a student from the Chemical Biology program, will be helping us to develop fluorescent biosensors of important metabolites.   Welcome!

A visit to the local sake brewery

For our lab holiday party we decided to check out the Takara Sake factory in Berkeley, one of only a handful of sake brewers in America. There were no complaints about the quality of Takara's metabolic engineering.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive New Year!




New students!

We have some new rotation students in the lab.  Caleb Cassidy-Amstutz and Rachel Wood are joining the lab for the winter rotation period.  They are both students in the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program.  Welcome!

Welcome to Stacy-Anne Morgan!

We have a new postdoc!  Stacy Morgan joins our lab from Jamaica via the University of Toronto, where she studied chemistry and protein engineering. Stacy will help us design and evolve new types of genetically encoded biosensors.  Welcome aboard!

New Students!

A big welcome to two new students in the lab, David Jones and Benz Chaijarasphong! David is a first year rotation student from MCB, who comes to Berkeley from the U of Maryland. He's broadly interested in synthetic biology and biophysics.

Benz is a first year Chemistry student, who comes to Berkeley from Stanford. He's interested in novel engineering of biofuel-producing pathways.

Welcome guys!

Welcome to Poh Teng!

And then there were three! Poh Teng, who did her graduate work on amyloid fibril formation in David Eisenberg's lab at UCLA, is joining us to investigate the assembly and function of bacterial microcompartments. Welcome Poh!

Welcome to Dana Nadler!

Dana Nadler, a graduate student in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has joined the lab!  Dana was an undergrad at UW Madison and brings a wealth of knowledge about protein engineering and biochemistry to the lab.  He'll be working on designing novel types of genetically encoded sensors of small molecules.  Welcome Dana!

Greetings from California!

The Savage Lab has now moved into our new digs in Hildebrand Hall! Check out a few pictures below and feel free to stop by if you're in the area!  



Dave selected for DOE Early Career Program

Dave was awarded an Early Career Program Award from the Department of Energy! This award will help support our research on understanding how cyanobacteria use the carboxysome to fix carbon dioxide and how we may one day engineer this amazing piece of protein machinery to carry out all sorts of new functions. More details can be found on the DOE website.

Open postdoctoral positions

We currently have openings for postdoctoral fellows in the following areas: 1. A protein engineer interested in designing and evolving genetically encoded biosensors as tools for probing metabolism in living cells.

2.  A chemist or physicist with a background in mass spectrometry and instrumentation interested in developing next generation analytical tools for biology.

Of course, we are always excited to hear from talented and creative individuals, from all scientific backgrounds, who share an interest in synthetic biology and metabolism. Applicants should email a cover letter and CV to Prof. Savage at: dsavage * berkeley * edu.