New paper on biosensors!

Congrats to Dana and Stacy on their paper describing a method for making metabolite biosensors! Inspired by previous work on recombination and domain insertion by the Lim, Dueber, Ostermeier, Silberg, and Jones groups, Dana and Stacy developed an engineered transposon that allows for rapid shuffling of protein domain relative to one another. Combining this approach with high-throughput assays and next-gen DNA sequencing, they show this method, which we call Domain-Insertion Profiling aka DIP-seq, is a great strategy for making metabolite biosensors fashioned around GFP. We think these type of biosensors have great promise as a tool for imaging and screening metabolites. The paper is available here: 

Nadler DC*, Morgan SA*, Flamholz A, Kortright K, Savage DF. 2016. Rapid Construction of Metabolite Biosensors. Nature Communications 10.1038/ncomms12266. *denotes co-first authors

If you're interested in trying our protocol, please check out the Materials and Methods section. We put a lot of work in making the details transparent and, of course, all of our plasmids are on addgene.